Jeffs Campaign

Anyone have any matches? Shit.

Group is going to set up a council government in the barony. Next session to have how the government works. In general council of 5, one military, one mage, one priest (the captain of the guard, Malken his mage advisor, and the former priest advisor-now-head priest) as well as 2 elected officials. 1 person to be elected/changed each year… or something. You tell me :P

Group started towards Guardmore. Got ambushed by a scouting party of orcs.
‘Handily’ dispatched them, and got a survivor to describe the map – treasure was indicated in their ‘forward base’ about 1 hour south of the road. The group went for it.

The Orc lied. Weird. He would have told you whatever he thought could have saved him after things got out of hand.

The ‘camp’ was actually full of Trolls.
The group learned that fire and Acid are great for killing trolls.
The group also learned about the severe lack of basic fire generating, and or flammable materials they were carrying.
*side note – you may also want some holy water… or hell some flasks of oil? matches? Sheesh.

GamePlay Notes:
I would like to have combat ‘discussions’ move into RP stuff. instead of ‘Who needs heals?’ its going to be either a perception check (easy if someone is massively screwed up but i won’t give you specifics it would be like ‘Darius looks pretty bad, Tylanthus looks like he’s about to pass out’ – or you can yell ‘Who needs to be healed?’ which the monsters can hear as well… and whoever answers is answering as in character as well…

To make it fair, the monsters will also communicate more verbally during fights if they are ‘coordinating’ things.

This will also limit ‘directions’ to other players… again- you can yell ‘Help me out with this big one!’ or ‘Exidious get that bastard off of Malkiah!’ etc…

I think we are getting better and better at the RP element of this :) just lots of ‘out of practice’ stuff.

Favorite part was still the ‘handiness’ in the first fight :)


ignore the strike throughs… its due to my heavy use of symbols. and quotes etc.

Anyone have any matches? Shit.

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