Jeffs Campaign

What's up with that?

h3. Oct 2nd

Went back to town, lots of accolades and the Baron + 6 pairs of nobles/business people invited the group into the Keep to celebrate.

The lap of luxury turned out to be dangerous… Captain Valen and Malken (mage) seemed to be on the outs with the Baron, While Dariussnubbed their hospitality.
Malkiah was infatuated with the Baron’s advisor Udo, and accepted an offer to stay as the Court Bard.
Exidious ate and bedded everything within reach, but was stunned by Malkiah’s agreement to stay with the court.

ED (need to fill out your damn character!) felt bile rise in his throat when the Baron’s excessively hot wife Ishala attempted to cast a spell on him while he stepped away from the group.

It’s On.



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