Dad was a textiles merchant/craftsman (cloth & leather, Guardmore) . Through normal teen rebellion you ‘wanted to see the world’ and joined on with a caravan going to Scyfortht as a ‘hand’. The caravan was ambushed by Gnolls, and you were able to protect the main merchant that hired you with one of the gnolls swords that you picked up.

The attack was repelled, and the merchant (and the guard caption Elios – still runs caravans) thought you had potential. The merchant paid for you to be apprenticed to Elios (again much to your fathers chagrin). You learned while traveling with caravans for 2 years, and then spent another 2 years as a hired guard (14-18). You then started to look for something bigger than just a few gold per trip.

Your parents are alive in Guardmore, Small shop that sells fine leather and cloths. No brothers or sisters.
Elios can usually be found somewhere along the road between Lynndell/Scyforth/Kalton/Guardmore, or in a Tavern/brothel. (Neutral Good – fair, but really in it for himself. his word was his bond, and he drilled that into you.).

You have many merchant contacts at the supply/caravan level.

You have +bonus to haggling/pricing in general and know the best tavern\pricing for Lynndell/Scyforth/Kalton/Guardmore.


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