Town saved by the group from an undead incursion.

NW of Guardmore Darshen used to be the primary dwarven and elven trading post and farming community in the darktooth mountains. Over the last 15 years the town has gotten smaller primarily due to a new route through the mountains that has been less risky for traders, and the Dwarves and elves been all but eliminated in the attack.

Baron Nendalin and his wife Ishala (Advisor-mage- Udo)
Nobles 3 main couples: Necul, Ptermil, and Tectite.

Keep guards – mostly 3rd level human soldiers (some dwarves/elves half elves).
Captain of the keep Ellani – female Half Elf

Symbol: Hammer/Bow/Sword in a circle
Ruling Body: Baron Nendalin
Government popularity: 1/5 (was 2/5 before incursion, and 3/5 a year ago)
Population Mix: human/dwarf/elven and half elven. Mix of other wanderers
Poverty: 4/5 Town has gotten more and more poor as the pass has become contested.
Law: 2/5 random, not enough coverage. Biased to locals/wealth.
Exports: Dwarven/elven goods. Caravan waystation
Imports: Finished goods, Stock
Military: competent- depleted after attacks – Captain Valen highest ranking officer outside of the Baron’s personal guards. Malken (older mage) is Valen’s advisor His apprentice was killed.
Threats: With the dwarven mine collapsed, and elven outpost eliminated most of Darshen’s exports are in question.


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