The Malrinth Empire ruled from the Dusklight mountains to the Serpents teeth for 400 years.

The ruling family and Capital city was Rintal. Malrinth promoted infrastructure and cooperation among the major races. With the threat of Malrinth’s massive armies, and huge resource pool very few cities contested their will. Nearly 400 years ago a massive disaster struck Rintal (the capital) and devastated a 250×250 mile area in a matter of seconds. This formed Rintal’s Waste

The empire has fallen into a loose confederation of city states, each individually ruled. The need for trade, and defense has kept most of the former empire at peace.
Over the last 50 years some of the stronger city-states have begun to build armies, and push their territories.

One remnant of Malrinth’s former empire is the Guild of Stars (Caster’s Guild). The Guild of Stars will not speak about the Rintal disaster, nor will they help in any way in regards to divining what occured. To do so without guild approval is punishable by death. Aside from that restriction, the Guild of Stars is mostly focused on furthering their influence among all city-states, and maintaining the costs/value of their services.


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