Shit said at my dnd game

I figured this is a good place to put the quotes I’ve written down so far. (Couldn’t decide between forum or wiki, but no access to the forums made my decision)

Sometime before 10/23
“You’d have to license Jenna Jamisons pussy or something.” -Mike
“Ok. I’m starting that quote sheet.” -Scott

“You’re already fucking me in the ass, I might as well suck a little dick” – Mike
“Where’s that quote sheet!?” – Ryan

Where’s your daily now, Jesus!” – Jamie
SNNFFFFSNFFNSFNN!” – Mike (trying to speak through his nose via Dr. Pepper)

“You come to a fork in the road” – Narrator (Jeff)
“I pick it up…” – Malkiah (Jamie)

“Tut tut, its in your butt” – Malkiah (Jamie)


“My Thighs are burning, but this meat is delicious” – Jeff
“Thats what she said” – Jamie

Shit said at my dnd game

Jeffs Campaign Krawl