Jeffs Campaign

When we last left our hero's...

Dracolich-Gate closed

Near the town of Darshen-Town
The group successfully closed the gate to the Negative Plane that had been opened.

Slaying the Dracolich (need name)

The 4 statues were of

and there was some treasure (need to fill that in too :) )

(this is a test post so just getting something in)

Battle Strider Greaves: Jamie
+ 1 to speed when wearing heavy armor
Barrage Bracers: Scott
When you hit a target with a melee attack all subsequent attacks that round you have a +1 to hit against that target.

3,500 gp
20,000 sp
1 – 1,000 gp gem
5 – 500 gp gems


We totally kicked that dracolich’s ass. Hey Jamie, go long…

When we last left our hero's...

You guys really dropped it fast – good teamwork. after the gate closed it was mostly just a moderately careful beatdown.

After the ‘framing discussion’ about the world, starting areas and a bit of background we will continue…

When we last left our hero's...

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